Pokemon GO Fest ends in Complete Disaster

If you still play Pokemon Go, you might have heard of a huge event called Pokemon Go Fest. Held by Niantic, developers of the Pokemon Go App, the event was held in Chicago, Illinois. The concept was to host a park area where Trainers would work together to capture legendary Pokemon. Fans from all over the state and the world flocked to the area. Tickets were $20 to even attend such at Chicago Park. Their goals had good intention and it sounded like Niantic would finally deliver the experience players wanted; however, it failed horribly and has been a huge disaster for the company.

Many players attending were unable to log on to the game. Countless Trainers around failed to log on. The CEO, John Hanke, and their Marketing Officer were booed on stage and were shouted at by players to “fix the game.” As a sign of apology, they increased the range of the event itself by 2 miles. Animations were slowed down to run the game in the area leading to choppy animation but the Trainers were able to play the game and catch the legendary Pokemon and more.

As a final form of apology, Niantic has promised to give $100 worth of PokeDollars to Trainers who purchased a ticket. They also will refund them the price of the ticket and obtain a free Lugia.


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Niantic screwed up. They have never been able to handle the load of players or properly gauge the amount who would be interested in playing. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because they are a smaller company but they should have servers set for a number of people. A Gaming company should test the numbers before even considering hosting an event of this calibre. People travelled from all over to have a good event and they were met with crushed experiences. Hosting a live event always has the potential of being a complete backfire on the company and it happened. I still play Pokemon Go and I don’t particularly enjoy it because of the technical issues and the lack of interaction despite the game being a year old. It’s basic and overall, a pretty boring experience. I’m not surprised this event failed and that they didn’t have servers that could handle the amount because they have never proved themselves to be capable of doing it. It’s their own fault again and I feel no empathy for a company that has constantly disappointed their fan base.


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