Pokemon Go Fest 2: The Comeback

Last year, Niantic (Creators of Pokemon Go) hosted a colossal event know as Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago. The purpose was to gather player all throughout the world to create a special event where people can play together and capture Luigia. Unfortunately, the event was executed poorly due to a poor internet connection, long lines, and the game failing to work. More details regarding the event are linked. Niantic faced many suits and paid up to $1.6 million to pay for damages, ticket prices, and travel fees. This year, Niantic is planning to host Pokemon Go Fest 2018 in Chicago and hoping to make up for their previous event.

July 14th and 15th, Niantic will host the “A Walk in the Park in Chicago.” It is a 1.8-mile walk in beautiful and lush Lincoln Park. There will be exclusive events hosted there and probably some rare Pokemon to catch. Tickets go on sale May 11th for $20.

Pokémon GO
Safari Zone, Les Quatre Temps – Dortmund, Germany


Niantic has learned from their previous event. Go Fest 2018 is smaller in scale in comparison to last years. People can only pay for a single day which helps spread the flood of people looking to join. By containing the event to a smaller venue (in this case a trail) this allows Niantic to have a stronger control over the line of people and the event overall. Niantic has also been hosting events throughout the world and has been having great success.


Pokemon Go Live – Niantic



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