Mad Catz is Back

Resurrection! Mad Catz, the video game peripheral company, went out of business in 2017 after poor investments into Rock Band 4 and other poor and expensive controller design choices. The company was well known for their controllers and their arcade sticks. According to sources from CNET from Alex Verrey, Mad Catz is back. After a teaser trailer showcasing on of their mouses, it was revealed today that the company is back. After most of their assets were acquired from a Chinese holding company, they are building new products and are showcasing them at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. They will be showcasing the Strike 4 mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting, the Freq 4 gaming headset, a new gaming mouse known as the Rat Air which can operate completely wirelessly — thanks to a wireless power system built into its included mousepad.

On their website, they are also showcasing keypads, mouses, headsets, and mousepads. Mad Catz may be under new management but the new owners have experience in the peripheral industry. The owners are individuals who worked in the companies’ Chinese factory. They have an understanding in manufacturing since they were the ones who made the products. They are planning to bring back the products that Mad Catz abruptly stopped manufacturing because of the shutdown. The company’s main focus will be on quality instead of quantity. They also only be producing products under the Mad Catz name and will look to expand in the future.

A big question from fighting game fans is Mad Catz going to continue to create fighting game sticks. While there has not been an official announcement, Selena Chang announced on the website that “we’re already working on delivering products which we believe will enhance gamers’ abilities and do justice to the Mad Catz name.” Mark Julio, aka MarkMan, was one of the biggest faces for Mad Catz. He helped change the perception of Mad Catz FightSticks from garbage to legitimate options.

Unfortunately, he announced during an interview with CNET he would not be returning after being let go during the huge lay offs from Mad Catz.

I believe in the brand focusing on its strengths. I felt Mad Catz had a few good products and key communities that backed them. It’ll be interesting to see how fans, communities and individuals will feel about them making a comeback. Just having a product is one thing, having the vision and competency to make the products live longer than just their marketing/shelf life…. that’s another thing.

Many people (myself included) have moved on with life after Mad Catz. Can ghosts from our past still find a place in today’s gaming world? I think so… they’re gonna have their work cut out for them though. Timing is everything.

Are you excited for the return of Mad Catz? Do you consider the return to be good or do you know them as the second controller makers?






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