While there are not huge features added to Patch 5.0 for the Switch, there are new features and fixes that are important for the system.

  • Playtime reset bug has been fixed. Many people who noticed that after a year’s worth of playtime on their games, the timer would state how many days since last played rather than how many hours played. Nintendo of America acknowledges it as an error before the fix.
  • You can now add friends through Facebook and Twitter. A useful feature that most the PS4 and the Xbox One have. It makes adding friends more convenient rather than adding them via codes.
  • Parents control have been changed. Instead of using a number pad, your parental control is done via the controller for privacy.
  • Purchasing and downloading games from your PC to the Nintendo Switch will start faster.


ResetEra – Nintendo Playtime shifts

Nintendo 5.0 Patch

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