TLDW: Nintendo Direct 3/8/2018

I’m trying a new format for TLDW by adding bullet points to keep it short and sweet. Let me know if you like this format.

Nintendo 3DS Games

WarioWare Gold: Releases August 3rd.

  • 300 mini-games for 3DS involving Wario-Ware games.
  • Some returning characters have been redesigned
  • Games involve motion controls, your voice, touch screen and button pressesImage result for warioware gold

Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breaker: Demo available May 10th. Releases May 24

  • Partner with your Mii animal characters.
  • Your friends Miis can join
  • Tower defense+racing and some arena fighting

Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story 3DS+Bowser Junior’s Journey: Launches 2019

  • Fight as Mario and Luigi and Bowser.
  • Re-release from Nintendo DS
  • Comes with additional Bowser Junior story where you play from his point of view during the main storyImage result for mario and luigi inside story

Detective Pikachu: releases March 23rd

  • Play as Detective Pikachu and solve the mystery of attacking Pokemon
  • A different form of gameplay that focuses on solving mysteries and less on battling Pokemon
  • Amibo is 5.3 inches. 2x bigger than normal

    Image result for detective pikachu
    This Aimpom is dead

Luigi Mansion Remake: Releases this year.

  • The map is on the bottom screen
  • Fans of the Luigi Mansion game returns!
  • You suck up the ghost with your trusty vacuum to save MarioImage result for luigi's mansion

Nintendo Switch

Kirby Star Allies: releases March 16th. Free update releases March 28th.

  • Demo currently out
  • Can have fan favorite allies such as King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddle Dee…
  • More dream friends will be added after launch such as Rick, Kine, and Coo from Kirby Dream Land 2, Markx from Super Star Ultra, Gooey from Kirby Dream Land 3
  • If you pre-order, you get a special bag DTnu5GKVQAAsuye

Okami: Available this summer

  • HD remake of the game that is currently out for other consoles
  • Touch screen or motion control to use paint brushes
  • Classic Capcom game with an amazing cast of characters as you play as Amatarsu.
  • Image result for okami hd

Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido: Available June 8th for Switch and 3DS

  • Raised in a war where sushi is forbidden
  • Ear more sushi with matching and match them such as a puzzle game. You can activate sushi sprites abilities after combining enough sushi. Think of it like Tsum Tsums
  • You fight against the emperor and their sushi monopoly!
  • Multiplayer mode. 1v1 sushi fighting
  • New IP from NintendoImage result for sushi striker the way of sushido

Octopath Traveler: Releases July 13, 2018. Demo currently available

  • Two new characters. Tressa the Merchant. Can purchase special items from town folks.
  • Apothacery Alfyn: inquire and gain special features when talking to town folk.
  • Job system: everyone starts with one but gain an additional one for battle. Combining jobs give you unique abilities. Game launches July 13, 2018.
  • The special edition comes with pop-up book, a map, CD, and in-game currency coin. 

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes: Releases later this year

  • Multiple game modes as Travis enters game worlds. 7 different worlds with different
  • Exterminate all bugs in your way with the beam katana
  • Tons of new bosses that aren’t trying to be number one Assassin
  • Co-op multiplayer where your partner plays as Bad-man!
  • Beam katanas, toilet save points, and suplexes are all returning
  • The game is much more colorful with the different game themes

Dark Souls Remaster: Releases May 25th

  • Solaire of Astora amiibo releases the same time as the game
  • Network test to try out the game if you haven’t played Dark Souls before
  • Details on Network test coming soonImage result for solaire of astora amiibo

Mario Tennis Aces: Releases June 22nd

  • The biggest focus of the direct
  • More than 15 players including chomp chomp.
  • Tennis refined and more ways to play tennis.
  • Multiple shots. Zone shot lets you pinpoint moves with motion action.
  • Rackets take damage and break. If you lose all your tennis rockets you’re out.
  • You can block the Zone shot if you hit it just right. Otherwise, your racket takes damage
  • Zone speed, time moves slowly so you can hit back the Zone shots with better timing
  • Zone depends on energy gauge. Fills up as the rally continues.
  • Trick shots give you special movements. If you hit the ball back you gain more energy but its a specific movement for each character.
  • Max energy can give you a special shot.
  • Play with simple rules if you hate fun.
  • 4 player multiplayer online mode. Tournaments are based on ranking. If you win, you get in-game shirts and additional characters.
  • Swing mode is motion control if you prefer something like Wii Tennis
  • A pre-launch online tournament is a 1v1 online tournament. Details for a later date.Switch_MarioTennisAces_ND0111_scrn01_bmp_jpgcopy

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: Releases July 13th

  • port from Nintendo Wii U.
  • Includes super Mario Odyssey game levels.
  • Can play multiplayer where your friend will shoot tomatoes to protect you
  • Nintendo 3DS port too!
  • Toad loves adventureImage result for captain toad treasure tracker switch

Undertale: Unknown release date

Image result for undertale nintendo switch

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: Releases July 10th

  • Also out for Xbox One and Steam.
  • First time on a Nintendo consolelightbox_215375_1510151860

Little Nightmare: Complete Edition: Releases May 18th

  • A puzzle platformer with horror influence.
  • Comes with 2 DLC stories and all previous content.
  • In-game Pacu Mask if you use the Pac-Man amiibo. Image result for little nightmares nintendo switch

South Park: Fracture but Whole: Releases April 24th

  • South Park RPG with that classic South Park humor from the show
  • DLC isn’t included Image result for south park fractured but whole

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition: releases May 18th

Arms update:

  • Us and Canada open tournament: March 8 – 18th. Top 8 on March 31st.
  • Top winners get unique art piece. More updates in the future.
  • March 31st 3 -day event to play for free
  • March 21: GDC Developers will speak on Arms and Splatoonarms butt

Splatoon 3.0 update: Late April.

  • 100+ pieces of new gear. New stages.
  • Rank X is an extreme rank that will come soon. More conditions to meet where you meet Callie where you can climb to Rank X. Making the game more competitive.
  • New Singleplayer mode focusing on a new character called Agent 8. An Octoling w/o memory. Your adventure is through shady underground test facility. Its all one connected huge subway. Variety of mission that will expand on the characters and lore.
  • If you finish it, you can play multiplayer as an Octoling.
  • This is the first paid downloadable content.
  • 2018 is the year of the Octoling bc Octo means 8.
  • You can pre-order the DLC to unlock Octo gear
  • Image result for splatoon 2 octoling

Super Smash Bros for Switch for 2018

  • That’s it. You know you’re gonna buy it



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