Tommy Tallarico revives the Intellivision

Tommy TallaricoTommy Tallarico is a famous video game composer and developer. He made his name in the industry for working on music and video game audio for games such as Earthworm Jim, Aladdin, and Metroid Prime. He has been working in the industry for 30 years as a composer and developer. Recently, he was made President of Intellivision Entertainment and they will be launching the Intellivision Family Video Game Console in the near future.

What’s an Intellivision?

The Intellivision console was made by Mattel in 1979. The console was made to compete against the Atari 2600 in the console wars before Nintendo, SEGA, or Sony. The graphics are very dated to today’s standards but the console was revolutionary at the time. Mattel was a strong competitor to Atari but the Video Game Crash of 1983, replacement of top management, and underwhelming response to the Intellivision II led to the console disappearing. The controller was infamous for being a number pad and a circle pad. They had an overlay to represent the controls.

Mattel Intellivision console on original box

What’s the goal?

Tallarico and Intellivision Entertainment are working to create a new Intellivision console for families. While the name hasn’t been announced, it will “carry on the company tradition of ‘firsts’ with its new concept, design, and approach to gaming.”  Assisting Tallarico for relaunching of the revamped 1980s console include Intellivision Entertainment’s Chairman Steve Roney, Vice President of Technology Bill Fischer, Game Design and Development Group Leader David Warhol, Vice President Emily Reichbach Rosenthal and veteran Intellivision contractor and historian Paul Nurminen, who has been named Vice President of Product Development. More details regarding the console will be announced soon. For hardcore fans of the Intellivision, the first 100,000 purchases will receive a limited edition version on the website.

How they will compete and details regarding the console

““I see a huge gaping hole in the market now with families in the home,” said Tallarico. “We will be focused. We will not try to compete with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. That would be insane, and we would need $1 billion.” The console is meant to be family-friendly and affordable. Details on the console will be released on October 1st but there is no official announcement date for the console. Announced so far, it will have a new controller, 10 games, and an emulator to run older games. It will also have an online store that allows you to download games on a store.

Will you be interested in purchasing the Intellivision Family Video Game Console?


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