Game Giants Podcast Ep: 28.5 – The Game Awards

This podcast, Jairus and I talk about The Game Awards. Voting for the Game Awards ends on December 10th! Vote for Hades. Please notice us Supergiants Games. I also review the PlayStation 5. You can check out my article below

The Game Awards:

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Plants vs Zombies 3 Pre-Alpha is Out to Play

PopCap/EA’s has announced Plants vs Zombies 3, their new title in the garden defense game. The game is currently pre-alpha. Pre-alpha is very early launch of the game. Expect many glitches and errors before criticizing the game harshly. PopCap wants players to try out the game and provide feedback on potential improvements for the title.  The pre-alpha is free to play exclusively on Google Play store right now.

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The game has changed from landscape to portrait mode since Plants vs Zombies 2. Although the pre-alpha is currently out, you may not be able to play. If you can’t get access, PopCap says to try again another day as it will be opening up the pre-alpha in phases according to Gamespot. The pre-alpha is only available to the United States. EA has not announced a specific launch date for Plants vs Zombies 3. If the game is only in pre-alpha, don’t expect the game to launch until 2020.

The original Plants vs Zombies released in 2009. Due to the success of the game, EA bought the company in 2011 and helped them release Plants vs Zombies 2 but it was exclusive to phones. The second game was harshly criticized by fans for excessive micro transaction and the need for grinding which slowed down and made the game frustrating. I personally disliked the 2nd one for those practices after enjoying the first title so much. Hopefully the 3rd title won’t have the same issues.

Are you excited for Plants vs Zombies 3? 

How to play Anthem early

Anthem is EA Bioware’s new first-person RPG shooter title. It’ll launch on February 22nd, 2019 and everyone is curious to see if Bioware still has the skills to make excellent RPG’s similar to their old titles like Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect. To participate in the demo or play early, there are several different dates.

Anthem VIP Demo

Dates: Jan. 25-27Image result for anthem bioware

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Requirements: pre-order, or EA Access or Origin Access subscription

The demo hasn’t been clarified what it will include. EA Access and Origin access cost $4.99 per month.

Anthem Open DemoImage result for anthem bioware

Dates: Feb. 1-3

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Requirements: none

It is only available for 3 days

Anthem Early Full Access

Release date: Feb. 15

Platforms: PC

Requirements: Origin Access Premier subscription

This is only for PC players but you’ll have full access a week before everyone else. Premier is $14.99

Anthem 10 hour Full AccessImage result for anthem bioware

Release date: Feb. 15

Platforms: PC, Xbox One

Requirements: EA Access or Origin Access Basic subscription

Xbone and PC players will have access for 10 hours if they have EA or Origin Access Basic.

Happy 5th Anniversary to the PlayStation 4

PS4 Fifth Anniversary

The PlayStation 4 has been the dominating console in this current generation. Sony has been releasing great exclusives and has dominated the Xbox One. Below are some of the statistics PlayStation released.

Ironically, the highest selling games aren’t exclusives. Call of Duty remains the most dominant shooters for consoles. FIFA is the most popular sports games. Fortnite needs no introduction as it’s one of the most popular games at the moment. GTA V has recently sold over 100 million units.