Riot NA LCS Finals Email Disaster

Riot continues to dig themselves in a deeper hole. This summer, there were several reports of sexism against women and sexual misconducts at the HQ. Riot promised to do a better job at representing their female employees and started with a female only event at PAX West. That led to more controversy as people on the League of Legend subreddit complained that Riot is sexist and preventing males from seeing Riot’s panels. Two Riot employees stated on Twitter that the subreddit is “filled with manbabies.” Systems designer Daniel Klein and communications associate Mattias Lehman—both outspoken advocates for gender diversity at Riot were fired after their statements on the community (Kotaku). Now Riot just released several people’s emails…including me.

September 8-9th is the NA LCS Finals in Oakland Oracle Arena. Players who purchased the balcony seats for the event received an email stating that they’ll be relocated.

ticket fail.png

Over 200 people were CC instead of BCC-like most massive email launches. Blind Carbon Copy protects the email privacy. It also prevents people from REPLY ALL all recipients and prevents spam from being spread.

ticket fail.png

While Riot and the NA Events team promises to offer the affected compensation, it is still undetermined. We received better seats for the tournament closer to the stage but I still feel the effects of people sending memes and email responses.



Riot’s Apology



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