Borderlands 3 will not Launch with Cross-play

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, talked about cross-play would be included in Borderlands 3. He was so adamant in the feature that he said it was a “prerequisite.” However, just because the CEO said something doesn’t mean things will happen.

As reported by Gamespot, a 2K representative stated that “Cross-play is something we’re looking at closely, but we don’t have anything to confirm or announce at this time.” This news comes out after the Microsoft Store pre-order page stated that cross-play was a feature. It has now been removed.

Cross-play between consoles and PC is a new luxury in the online game world. The most popular multiplayer games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, and Rocket League have the feature.Hopefully it can be included in Borderlands 3 in the near future as I would love to play with people of all consoles.

2K and Blizzard removes Loot Boxes from Belgium and Netherlands

Blizzard (World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Heores of the Storm) and 2K (Borderlands, Mafia, NBA 2K series) has removed the micro-transactions portions from their games: Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and NBA 2K18. This is to comply with Belgium and Netherlands’ gambling laws. The countries considers loot box as gambling. 2K’s and Blizzard’s official statement are below.



TL;DR: In Belgium, players can’t purchase MyTeam packs (read: loot boxes) with real money, though they can still be acquired by earning currency in-game. in Netherlands, players will not be able to access Auction House, a feature that allows you to buy and sell your players. ( For Blizzard, players can no longer use real money for loot boxes in Overwatch and HoTS.

If you read the statement, 2K and Blizzard disagrees with the banning and believes they are following the law with their initial practices. They actively asked their players to contact the local government to allow their loot box system.

The loot box system is a disgusting and frustrating way to extract more money from players. While more people are growing aware of the unfair practice, there are still many players purchasing loot boxes. Last year, Blizzard earned over $3 billion USD from loot box sales. Often, gaming companies state that loot boxes are to make back the expenses from development.


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The End of Evolve

I remember watching a Let’s Play of Evolve in 2014 before the game was officially launched. The tension of chasing a huge monster before it becomes too strong was exciting and playing the monster was exciting. The game received great praise in 2014 and won several rewards prior to Evolve‘s launch. Published by 2K Interactive, Evolve was a multiplayer focused 3rd person shooter where four players play as Hunters while one played as a monster that sought resources to “evolve.” It was the first game from Turtle Rock Studios who spun off from Valve in 2011 who worked on Left for DeadHowever, the myriad of downloadable content, lack of story and interesting game types led to mixed reviews and loss of player base.

What happened?

Evolve launched on February 10th, 2015 for $60. Despite being a commercial success, the mixed reviews were apparent from Day One. Many players criticized the sole focus on multiplayer that quickly became dull. The Hunter gameplay was praised with the different class types but playing as the monster was limited. The biggest issue was the massive amounts of Day One downloadable content.  On Day One, to acquire all the DLC, it cost $136. Different monsters and hunters were all locked behind a paywall and player fatigue was fast. in July 2016, 2K made the game free-to-play due to lack of player base but the damage was done. 2K and Turtle Rock ended continuous support for the game four months later.

End of Evolve

Today, 2K announced that Evolve’s dedicated servers will be shut down on September 3, 2018. Several game features will be removed:

  • Hunt (Ranked)
    • Players will still be able to play Hunt by going into Quick play and Custom games
  • Player Profile data
  • Leaderboards will no longer be populated with player data
  • The in-game store will be removed
  • The newsfeed will be unavailable
  • Player Badges will be unavailable

Peer-to-peer multiplayer will be the only method to play multiplayer meaning your speed is based on other players’ computers. The features below will remain.

    • Quick Play
      • Hunt
      • Nest
      • Rescue
      • Defend
      • Arena
    • Evacuation
    • Custom games
  • Single Player (solo vs. AI) –
    • Evacuation
    • Quick Play
    • Custom games
  • My2K login access
  • Access to all hunters, monsters, purchased DLC, skins & player badges

Strangely, 2K encourages players to use all their keys or purchase whatever content they would like before the servers close as they will no longer be sold. In my opinion, the rest of the content should be released for free.


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