How to change your PSN Name

Sony has officially rolled out the name changing feature. The first name change is free but other name changes will cost $9.99. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can purchase it for $4.99. You can roll back to your previous name for free and you can display your new name next to your old name for 30 days. It is only for PlayStation 4. The change will only work for games published after¬†April 1, 2018.¬†Here is how to change your PSN online ID.


There are plenty of errors being reported and tweeted about the name change. PlayStation has acknowledged that some games will have issues during name changes. The following link will take you to the webpage from PlayStation that lists all the games and what issues will occur. Link

Some people have tweeted that their names haven’t changed immediately.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Price Issue

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is out today. It comes with new additional content such as story additions, new cutscenes, expanded Insomnia map, a FPS mode, bosses, and more below in the video.


As much as I like FF XV as a guilty pleasure, the price is a bit steep, even if you owned the base game like myself. The “Royal Edition” add-on is $15 for the above but is $50 for all the previous DLC’s that were on the Season pass such as Episode Gladio, Prompto, Ignis, and the Comrades multiplayer pack plus additional weapons.

Considering that the Royal edition isn’t the final version of FFXV, the price is huge even if you already bought the game. $50 is practically the cost of a full game. By the time the “Complete Edition” comes out, I can’t imagine how much the price will be.

While I think it’s great that Tabata (Developer of FFXV) and Square-Enix are doing to improve the game and add additional features to create a better game, only the most hardcore fans will invest once again. I did like Final Fantasy XV despite the flaws. While I believe Square-Enix will give a great opportunity for people that didn’t buy the game initially, it may also alienate people who bought the base game. For myself, I’ll probably wait until there’s a big discount for Royal Edition or hope that the Complete Final Fantasy XV isn’t over $100.

What do you think about the price for Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition? Is it too much or do you think the price is okay?