Kingdom Hearts VR announced for the Holiday Seasons

Sony and Square Enix will release a VR Kingdom Hearts experience for free this Holiday season. Called Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, players can relive moments and music from the series for 10 minutes. Based on screenshots, you can fight Heartless and rewatch the cutscenes from all of the Kingdom Hearts games. Hopefully, this isn’t canon in the series. The game will only be available on the PlayStation Store.

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience for PS VR

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience for PS VR


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PlayStation VR and Games Sales Number

Amongst the Gaming VR headsets, PlayStation VR is the most popular due to its accessibility. The PlayStation 4 has sold more than 80 million units and the VR unit is an add-on to the system. It also cost less space to set up compared to stronger VR headsets such as the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. Today, Sony announced that the PlayStation VR has sold more than 3 million units. In terms of games, they have nearly sold 22 million VR games. Below is the growth of the PlayStation VR.

To celebrate, they announced the release date for two new PSVR games: Creed: Rise to Glory (Sept. 25) and Evasion (Oct. 9).

While the PSVR isn’t the most impressive headset out on the market, the high sales numbers can be attributed to the popularity of the console. PSVR is still relatively new compared to the Vive or the Oculus. Hopefully the future generation PSVR will be able to match its competitors while remaining accessible.



Sales numbers for VIVE and Oculus

Sales numbers for Ps4