The Cutest Starter Pokemon in Japan

Everyone loves Starter Pokemon but there are always arguments on who is the best starter. (It’s Charmander btw) However, the cutest starter is also a hot competition. Last month on Japan’s polling site, Goo Ranking, they asked fans to vote for the cutest starters. The list is below.

  1. Piplup – 525 votes
  2. Charmander – 309 votes
  3. Squirtle – 294 votes
  4. Chikorita – 231 votes
  5. Bulbasaur – 220 votes
  6. Torchic – 188 votes
  7. Cyndaquil – 149 votes
  8. Rowlet – 104 votes
  9. Fennekin – 93 votes
  10. Litten – 86 votes
  11. Oshawott – 81 votes
  12. Snivy – 62 votes
  13. Mudkip – 48 votes
  14. Popplio – 35 votes
  15. Froakie – 34 votes
  16. Totodile/Chimchar – 33 Votes
  17. Tepig – 27 votes
  18. Turtwig – 25 votes
  19. Treecko – 23 votes
  20. Chespin – votes

Who are your favorite starter Pokemon? Do you agree with the list?



Pokemon Go finally has Idle Step Tracking. Adventure Sync

You know what sucks about step counters? Your phone not reading your steps while it’s idle or the application is not opened. It was especially bad with Pokemon Go. Players had to leave the Pokemon Go app open on their phone and walk to count their steps. This was draining on your phone but it was the only way for the app to count your steps to hatch Pokemon Eggs or Candies. The initial solution was for players to purchase a Pokemon Go Tracker. Now Niantic is finally adding Adventure Sync.

Image result for pokemon go walking

The application syncs in the background with iOS HealthKit and Android Google Fit. This allows players to leave the Pokemon Go app idle or even closed on your phone and helps you save battery life. It will also provide weekly rewards to players who walk or run certain kilometers. The launch will be global but the official release date is unconfirmed.

The game has been a huge success for Nintendo and Niantic. Despite its first year having technical issues, the company has been working hard to cater to fans demands. They have gradually rolled out more features and Nintendo is slowly beginning to have a grip on the mobile market. Fire Emblem Heroes, Mario Run, and Animal Crossing have scratch casual fans’ itches for a Nintendo game. Early this year, Analyst Sensor Tower reported a $1.8 billion in revenue for Pokemon Go and $400 million for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem… HEROES!!!!!

Are you playing Pokemon Go? Did you stop or did you recently get back into the game?




Variety – Pokemon Go Revenue



Nintendo takes down Pokemon Fankit

If you ever played or downloaded an unofficial Pokémon game on your computer, it was most likely built with Pokémon Essential. It is an RPG Maker XP using Pokémon assets from previous generations.

Pokémon Essentials provides full tilesets, maps, music, and sprites that players can drag and drop onto a canvas. All the classic mechanics necessary to collect and battle Pokémon come packed-in, too. While the tool has a learning curve, for the most part, fans are able to focus more on the plot of their games. Accordingly, some cool recent projects I’ve spotted include narrative concepts like telling battle stories around a camp fire, and staging an attack against the notorious Silph Co. corporation – Kotaku

Example of Pokemon Essential
Voluntary Twitch, the creative director behind Pokémon Uranium stated Pokémon Essential and was essential to its 9-year development. Uranium was downloaded over 1 million times before receiving a Cease and Desist by Nintendo two years ago.

New Pokemon was developed for the Uranium

Today, Marin, from the PokeCommunity forums, stated that Nintendo of America has forced them to take down the Wikia and all associated downloads for Pokemon Essential. Any mods that used Essential must be taken down. Although Marin asked the community not to be angry with Nintendo, many fans have clamored against the company. On the gaming forum, ResetEra, fans are angry over Nintendo’s decision to take down Essential.

reset era

Some users are commenting that the IP and assets are originally Nintendo’s content and they have the right to take it down. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has taken down fanmade content. They have taken down the fan remake of Super Mario 64, Super Metroid and most recent, ROM sites that host many of their games.

Nintendo and many gaming companies have the right to take down fanmade games but this has led to many fans criticizing their practices. Often the fan games are free and don’t take money or time from the companies themselves. Some companies are more supportive and allow fan content to be created such as Capcom with Megaman X Street Fighter. It is a difficult issue for any company.

Do you think gaming companies should be more lenient on fan developers making free games using their IP?





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