Pokemon Go Gift Event for August 5th

Pokemon Go will have an event from from Aug. 5 at 4 p.m. ET until Aug. 19 at 4 p.m. ET regarding gifts. Gifts will contain 2k eggs that will hatch 7k Pokemon. That means you’ll be hatching rarer Pokemon at a faster rate. Shiny Bonsly and Sudowoodo will also be released at this time.

Shiny Bonsly and Sudowoodo with their Shiny variants, which have pink shrubs with a yellow body, rather than green shrubs with a brown body

You’ll be able to hold 20 gifts and open 30 gifts a day during the duration of the event. I wish it was like that all the time.

This Saturday is Community day where eggs will hatch at 3x the rate. It may be worth hatching all the eggs you’re holding on to now so that you have space for the 5th.


Pokemon Go finally has Idle Step Tracking. Adventure Sync

You know what sucks about step counters? Your phone not reading your steps while it’s idle or the application is not opened. It was especially bad with Pokemon Go. Players had to leave the Pokemon Go app open on their phone and walk to count their steps. This was draining on your phone but it was the only way for the app to count your steps to hatch Pokemon Eggs or Candies. The initial solution was for players to purchase a Pokemon Go Tracker. Now Niantic is finally adding Adventure Sync.

Image result for pokemon go walking

The application syncs in the background with iOS HealthKit and Android Google Fit. This allows players to leave the Pokemon Go app idle or even closed on your phone and helps you save battery life. It will also provide weekly rewards to players who walk or run certain kilometers. The launch will be global but the official release date is unconfirmed.

The game has been a huge success for Nintendo and Niantic. Despite its first year having technical issues, the company has been working hard to cater to fans demands. They have gradually rolled out more features and Nintendo is slowly beginning to have a grip on the mobile market. Fire Emblem Heroes, Mario Run, and Animal Crossing have scratch casual fans’ itches for a Nintendo game. Early this year, Analyst Sensor Tower reported a $1.8 billion in revenue for Pokemon Go and $400 million for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem… HEROES!!!!!

Are you playing Pokemon Go? Did you stop or did you recently get back into the game?




Variety – Pokemon Go Revenue



Niantic owes $1.6 million for failed Pokemon Go Event in 2017

Last year, Niantic held their first outdoor event festival dedicated to Pokemon Go in June. It was held in Chicago Grant Park and the idea was for players to meet, catch the rare Pokemon, Lugia, and create an event that people have been asking for since the creation of Pokemon Go. It didn’t go as planned.

go fest b

Huge issues occured such as failed cellar connectivity, huge lines, sign in issues, and the inability to play the game frustrations and led to lawsuits. People were understandably frustrated and Niantic responded by offering to refund the 20,000 attendees the ticket price of the Chicago event and offer $100 of in-game currency. Niantic was involved in a class action lawsuit and will be paying $1,575,000 to refund the attendee’s ticket prices along with airfare, hotel fees, parking, car rent and fuel, and toll fees.

According to documentation in the Chicago court, the settlement should be solve by May 25th and victims will receive emails regarding the payment. There are check systems to ensure people aren’t lying about attending the event. You’ll need proof that you checked in at the Go Festival in Chicago and anybody who has spent over $107 must provide receipts to receive full reimbursement. If there is any leftover money, the remaining balance will be split evenly and donated to the Illinois Bar foundation and the nonprofit organization Chicago Run. Niantic will not receive any money for the event.

Business View:

From a business POV, its great to hear a company apologizing to their users. Recently, gaming companies have been closely inspected for poor business practices. Niantic has been working to create smaller, focused events such as raids for Pokemon Go and has clearly learned from their mistakes from the Chicago Go Fest. They have continuously improved and updated on the game and still remains as one the most downloaded app.