Yoshi’s Crafted World Underperforms for Nintendo

Yoshi’s Crafted World released for the Nintendo Switch on March 29th, 2019. According to Media Create, the game only sold 53,327 units in its debut week and sold 35.96% of the initial shipment. Media Create is a website that gathers data analytics from Japanese Gaming Market.

The game did sell better than its predecessors such as Yoshi’s Woolly World in 2015 for the Wii U which sold 31,000 units in its first week. It also sold better than Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World on 3DS in 2017 which sold roughly 40,000 units in its first week. For clarification, both predecessors may have sold poorly due to the systems they were on. The Wii U sold extremely poorly (only 13.5 million units during its lifecycle) and was an unpopular system for Nintendo. The Switch has sold over 14 million units by the end of 2017. The 3DS is also reaching the end of its life cycle and more people were excited to play on the Switch which had released on March 3rd, 2017.

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Poochy, why don’t people love us?

Metacritic score wise the game is pretty solid with an overall 80% for reviewers. The game also was the top of the sales in Japan according to Famitsu (Japanese Game Magazine/site). I believe Yoshi and the gameplay aren’t mass appealing compared to Nintendo’s bigger titles.






Nintendo Coins reworks allows you buy Switch Games

If you’ve been buying new Nintendo games, you probably noticed a slip that allowed you to register games on the My Nintendo website to earn gold coins. Previously, gold coins could be used to purchase Wii U or 3DS indie games for about 80-90 points but the rework in early March will allow you to buy Switch games. Buying digital games will earn you 5% of the original price while physical will earn you 1%. The percentage lower for physical is to encourage people to buy digital as it gives a larger profit margin to Nintendo.

Nintendo hasn’t determined how many gold coins will be needed for purchases for DLC, full games, or even indies yet. The points expire after 12 months so if you’ve been saving them, remember to check your point total.


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Nintendo Switch 4.00 Updates adds Wireless Headset and GameCube Controller Support

The new Nintendo Switch Updated 4.00 added new features 30-second video capture abilities and save data transfer into other Nintendo Switches. An unannounced feature that was recently added was wireless headset support. Currently, it is USB-C only. Simply plug the USB into the Nintendo Switch and it’ll work. nintendo switch usb headset mode

You can even adjust the audio on the home pause screen. This is may have been a response to the negative feedback Nintendo received from their previous application which forced players to use their smartphone app. This would drain the battery of your phone. It is great to hear Nintendo responding to fan outcry for better functionality on the Switch.

The 4.00 update also added GameCube controller support. If you still own the Wii U adaptor, you can use it on the Switch. However, you can’t access the home menu. All buttons have the same functions as a regular Switch controller but don’t have the ZL or Minus button functions. Whether this means Smash Bros. game is coming remains unknown as Nintendo has not stated a re-release of any of the Smash series games for Nintendo Switch.


Now they just have to produce more Switches and SNES Classics and Holiday 2017 will be a huge success for Nintendo in comparison to Microsoft and Sony.


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SNES Classic is actually just an NES Classic

Nintendo has recently hit an upswing in public opinion. The Nintendo Switch has been doing well and brand new games are coming to the system. Both hardcore and casual players are experiencing a new golden year for Nintendo. However, hardware has never been their strong suit. Low stock number, constant demand, and slow restocking have made many fans begging and angry for a Super Nintendo Classic or Switch. Well, Nintendo is definitely going to get more flack tomorrow. The Super Nintendo Classic is releasing on September 29, 2017, and it’s made out of the same parts as the Nintendo Classic.

Eurogamer broke open the SNES Classic and showed that the components and the printed circuit board are exactly the same as the NES classic, even down to the controller ports. They are even using the same open source, Linux. The Super NES is on the left and the NES is on the right. It fits into the same shell as well.


So what does this mean? Well, it means Nintendo can produce the NES Classic again. This would explain why they are reselling the NES classic for Summer 2018 for a small run. They stopped production in April. This led to outrage and people selling them on auction sites such as eBay for outrageous prices.

Because it is made of the same board as the NES classic, you can also hack it to add more games. The Hakchi2, the program to hack the NES classic, is also compatible with SNES.

While this may deter a few from purchasing a Mini SNES Classic, it won’t stop the massive revenue Nintendo will earn from the release. What do you think about this news? Are you annoyed with Nintendo using the same tech to create a new console or do you only care about the games?