Anthem PlayStation 4 Disaster Report

Anthem has been out for almost one month and it’s been receiving average reviews. The Metacritic score is 60%.  Players note the similarities to Destiny and Warframe but often note how the different UI and mechanics can be frustrating. While the game is beautiful, many reviewers commented on the lack of overall content from the game. The game is considered EA Bioware‘s last hurrah as Mass Effect Andromeda sold and reviewed below the company’s goal. Unfortunately, Anthem has been having many glitches within the game; specifically the PlayStation 4 version.

Reporting on Anthem’s subreddit, playing the game will cause the system to close the game or shut off. Some players cause the system to have a software error which will force the players to start the PS4 in safe mode. EA is aware of the issues and has provided a link for players to report crashes.

PlayStation has offered refunds for players who purchased the digital copy of the game. You can reach out to PlayStation support to request a refund. Many people have noted there was no hassle. PlayStation usually doesn’t offer refunds for digital purchases.

It’s unfortunate that Bioware is tied to a lackluster game launch. A lot of people believe the game was rushed out to meet the quarter end. Considering the studio worked on such massive franchises like Knight of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, and Mass Effect, it’s disappointing to see their game fail to meet player’s standards.

What are your opinions on Anthem?



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