Apex Legends Player Progress restored after Update 1.1

Yesterday, players were shocked to see their experience progress for Apex Legends were deleted. The 1.1 update had accidentally removed all player progress. Respawn Entertainment shut down the servers overnight to restore everyone’s progress. The update had accidentally moved players to a different server without moving their progress over.

“Once we confirmed internally that we had fixed the issue we started rolling out the right servers starting with Xbox and staggered the updates to PS4 and PC,” the developer explained on the Apex Legends subreddit. 

Your progress should be updated the next time you log in. All player progress and purchases you made in 1.1 will be reverted. Refunds will be applied if you have purchased anything.


Apex Legends Battle Pass Price

EA Respawn has revealed the price of the Battle Pass for Apex Legends. It will be called Wild Frontier and it will cost 950 Apex Coins ($9.50 USD). It will release on March 19th, 2019.

How does it work?

The more you play, the more you get. As you continue to level up your Battle Pass by playing games, you’ll unlock more content. XP gain will be included for your profile and Battle Pass.

What does the Battle Pass include?

It will include the new DLC character Octane and a variety of skins, banners, poses once they are released. You’ll also receive gun skins. If you max the pass, you earn a rare skin for the Havoc energy rifle, the game’s first post-launch weapon.

Even if you don’t buy the pass right away, you’ll still earn experience towards the pass. If you decided to buy it, it will count the XP you would have earned if you had purchased it Day 1. So don’t worry if you’re short on change or change your mind later. It will also include all the rewards.

If you want to jump ahead, you can purchase the Battle Pass Bundle which is 2800 Apex ($28) Coins and it will jump you 25 levels ahead.

Even if you decide not to purchase the pass you can still earn 1 Wild Frontier Legend Skin, 5 Apex Packs, and 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers.

Are you gonna purchase a battle pass?




Apex Legends isn’t Titanfall 3 and that’s okay

As a fan of Titanfall 2, I was extremely worried when Respawn was bought out by EA (Electronic Arts). EA has a history of changing the companies they acquire for the worse and their harsh business practices. Many Bioware original employees have left after the acquirement from EA and many studios have been closed down by them such as Visceral (Dead Space series) and Maxis (SimCity). Fans of Respawn were worried when they announced Apex Legends: A Battle Royal class-based shooters with no Titans, double jump, or wall running but was still based in the Titanfall universe.

Fans were devastated. The game didn’t have the same movement or interesting mechanics of Titanfall 2. Most people thought Titanfall 3 was canceled or EA forced Respawn to make a free Battle Royale game to make profits similar to Fortnite.


It was reported that Titanfall 3 wasn’t in development at all. This only stoked the flames and fans began to crucify EA for ruining another beloved franchise.

Despite all the fan rage, Apex Legends has been doing really well. It’s been positively received by many players for the class-based system, fun shooting, and overall good gameplay design. While the game has only been out for 3 days, it already has over one million players.

Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn, assures fans that Titanfall 3 will be coming out; just not anytime soon. The studio is currently working on new Star Wars title called Jedi: Fallen Order. There is also a Titanfall game coming out this year, but it isn’t Titanfall 3 according to reports from Eurogamer. They are mainly focusing on improving the Apex Legends experience for players. Hopefully, Apex Legends does well for Respawn to provide assurance that EA didn’t ruin them. With so many players, it allows people to learn more about Respawn and the Titanfall series. Trust Respawn to make a great game. While it isn’t the title Titanfall fans were hoping for, perhaps this game will lead the way to Titanfall 3.

In the meantime, you can play Apex Legends for free for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Might as well try it.


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