Fallout 76 Playerbase Turns Against Each Other

Fallout 76 is a train wreck of a game. It’s awful to look at but you can’t stop watching. From the lackluster features to a $100 premium subscription, Fallout 76 can’t seem to stop catching on fire. Recently, Bethesda announced a Premium Subscirption that allowed players to create private servers for themselves and friends. It also included unlimited inventory storage space. Both features were what players were asking Bethesda for but is currently trapped behind a paid subscription. Premium players receive a medal that differentiates them from other players which has caused a Civil War.

Some players on Twitter and Reddit are reporting that Non-Premium players are intentionally attacking premium players.  ImageIt’s an unintentionally addition but it sure is funny. How long the battle will go on remains to be seen but considering the premium players can just go into their private server, the war is kind of lame.


Meanwhile, The Outer World is doing extremely well for Obsidian. Obsidian previously worked on Fallout New Vegas and was acquired from Microsoft. 78% physical copies of the game were for the PlayStation 4 in the UK. With the addition of it being on Xbox Game Pass, the game has a massive reach. On MetaCritic, the game has an 80% for reviews and users.



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Bethesda asks Hackers for Help

Fallout 76 is probably the biggest disaster in Bethesda history. Whether it’s the poor reviews, gameplay, glitches, lackluster pre-order gifts, or even game crashes, Bethesda is trying their fix to repair the leaky boat. Their recent issue is players accessing a developer’s room via a glitch. It contains extremely rare items, weapons, and a human NPC called Wooby (The game is supposed to have no humans besides real players).

The room was in past Bethesda games such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim but those are single-player games. If you’re found searching through the room, expect a ban and a potential email by Bethesda.


The wording on the email makes it seem that Bethesda is unaware of how players are accessing the dev’s room. While some players will mostly report the method, it seems awkward that Bethesda is asking for help.

Players who withdraw items from the room are transferring them to different accounts before the ban hammer comes. According to Eurogamer, accounts not connected to the main account aren’t banned. As a multiplayer game, the items can be sold in store markets and “ruin” the game market. Bethesda recently fixed their glitch which allowed players to duplicate items. Hopefully, the company can solve the issues with Fallout 76 as they still have a dedicated player base who still believe in them.

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