MapleStory 2 finally releases for the West

If you grew up in the early 2000s, you played MapleStory or Runescape because they were both free and you didn’t have your own money to spend on video games. Released back in 2005, MapleStory has cute animation but was a huge grind game back then. I remember it took meĀ 6 hoursĀ just to get to 50% in my level percentage. It was a pleasant nightmare and they have drastically changed the game since then. More worlds, classes, and easier to level up to make MapleStory a much better game. It has been over 10 years and now MapleStory 2 is finally coming on October 10th.

Starting August 22nd, you can reserve character names and test the Mushking Royale Mode (Battle Royale). The game and the battle royale mode has been in Beta for several months before the announcement. If you’re excited to jump back into MapleStory, just know that the game looks dramatically different and is actually 3D rather than a 2D sidescrollers.



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