FINAL FANTASY XV cancels Future DLCs

As a fan of Final Fantasy XV, I can fully admit the game is flawed. The story is not well told, there are major characters that aren’t given time to shine, and there are huge chunks of the story missing. Fans were hoping that the future DLC’s that were announced for 2019 would fulfill the holes that the main game left. Unfortunately, it seems Square-Enix has canceled all future DLC for FFXV except one; the Ardyn DLC for March 2019.

In April, Square stated they were working on 4 DLC packs: Ardyn, Aranea, Luna, and Noctis. Hajime Tabata, the director of XV, has announced that he is leaving Square-Enix. Whether he will still be with Luminous Productions, his spin-off company from Square-Enix remains to be seen. There was also news that FFXV Comrades would be released as a standalone title in 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One. You can watch the press conference below but it’s in Japanese.

Final Thoughts:

Final Fantasy XV will be officially finished by 2019. It’s unfortunate that we will never see the backstory for Luna and Aranea considering that they were important but barely in the story. XV is going to be remembered as a bad entry in the series. Even as a fan, there’s huge flaws in the game and the push for DLC to fix them are ridiculous to defend. So I guess I’m not a fan anymore. Square-Enix has burned me once again.




Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Price Issue

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is out today. It comes with new additional content such as story additions, new cutscenes, expanded Insomnia map, a FPS mode, bosses, and more below in the video.


As much as I like FF XV as a guilty pleasure, the price is a bit steep, even if you owned the base game like myself. The “Royal Edition” add-on is $15 for the above but is $50 for all the previous DLC’s that were on the Season pass such as Episode Gladio, Prompto, Ignis, and the Comrades multiplayer pack plus additional weapons.

Considering that the Royal edition isn’t the final version of FFXV, the price is huge even if you already bought the game. $50 is practically the cost of a full game. By the time the “Complete Edition” comes out, I can’t imagine how much the price will be.

While I think it’s great that Tabata (Developer of FFXV) and Square-Enix are doing to improve the game and add additional features to create a better game, only the most hardcore fans will invest once again. I did like Final Fantasy XV despite the flaws. While I believe Square-Enix will give a great opportunity for people that didn’t buy the game initially, it may also alienate people who bought the base game. For myself, I’ll probably wait until there’s a big discount for Royal Edition or hope that the Complete Final Fantasy XV isn’t over $100.

What do you think about the price for Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition? Is it too much or do you think the price is okay?