FINAL FANTASY XV cancels Future DLCs

As a fan of Final Fantasy XV, I can fully admit the game is flawed. The story is not well told, there are major characters that aren’t given time to shine, and there are huge chunks of the story missing. Fans were hoping that the future DLC’s that were announced for 2019 would fulfill the holes that the main game left. Unfortunately, it seems Square-Enix has canceled all future DLC for FFXV except one; the Ardyn DLC for March 2019.

In April, Square stated they were working on 4 DLC packs: Ardyn, Aranea, Luna, and Noctis. Hajime Tabata, the director of XV, has announced that he is leaving Square-Enix. Whether he will still be with Luminous Productions, his spin-off company from Square-Enix remains to be seen. There was also news that FFXV Comrades would be released as a standalone title in 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One. You can watch the press conference below but it’s in Japanese.

Final Thoughts:

Final Fantasy XV will be officially finished by 2019. It’s unfortunate that we will never see the backstory for Luna and Aranea considering that they were important but barely in the story. XV is going to be remembered as a bad entry in the series. Even as a fan, there’s huge flaws in the game and the push for DLC to fix them are ridiculous to defend. So I guess I’m not a fan anymore. Square-Enix has burned me once again.




Square-Enix opens Luminous Productions and their future

Square-Enix recently announced they will be announcing a new studio called Luminous Productions. The head is Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV. Most of the team are from the Final Fantasy XV developers. Their vision: “Luminous Productions was established with the purpose of developing new AAA titles and bringing innovative game and other entertainment content to a global audience.” Besides Final Fantasy XV, Tabata has also worked on many of the Final Fantasy VII spin-offs including Crisis Core and Final Fantasy Type-0.

While FF XV has received a mixed reception from hardcore JRPG and Final Fantasy fans, the game’s sales were critical to saving the series and Tabata’s goal to continuously improve the game is admirable.

Square-Enix is no longer a gaming juggernaut since early 2000’s. They have had less success in game releases as the gaming industry grew. In the mid 2000’s, there were less unique IP titles from SE and more focus on Final Fantasy spin-offs. None of them sold well except for Bravely Default. When Yosuke Matsuda took over SE, he noticed the decline in overall quality and had Square refocus their efforts on diversifying their portfolio. They developed three new studios, Square-Enix Collective, Tokyo RPG Factory, Studio Isoltila. Each have different focuses such as helping develop new indie games or old franchises of SE, create new classic style JRPG’s and Studio Isolita has the director of the Tales RPG series leading the development of a new game. Matsuda has also allowed studios to work on new projects such as the upcoming Avengers game by the Tomb Raider team and sold the Hitman studio after he believed SE wasn’t the right publisher.

While SE has been slow on development and game released, under Matsuda, they have achieved a profit of 257 billion yen last year. Luminous Productions plans to work on a new IP outside of the Final Fantasy series. With Tabata running his own studio, perhaps we will see a big new series.



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Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Price Issue

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is out today. It comes with new additional content such as story additions, new cutscenes, expanded Insomnia map, a FPS mode, bosses, and more below in the video.


As much as I like FF XV as a guilty pleasure, the price is a bit steep, even if you owned the base game like myself. The “Royal Edition” add-on is $15 for the above but is $50 for all the previous DLC’s that were on the Season pass such as Episode Gladio, Prompto, Ignis, and the Comrades multiplayer pack plus additional weapons.

Considering that the Royal edition isn’t the final version of FFXV, the price is huge even if you already bought the game. $50 is practically the cost of a full game. By the time the “Complete Edition” comes out, I can’t imagine how much the price will be.

While I think it’s great that Tabata (Developer of FFXV) and Square-Enix are doing to improve the game and add additional features to create a better game, only the most hardcore fans will invest once again. I did like Final Fantasy XV despite the flaws. While I believe Square-Enix will give a great opportunity for people that didn’t buy the game initially, it may also alienate people who bought the base game. For myself, I’ll probably wait until there’s a big discount for Royal Edition or hope that the Complete Final Fantasy XV isn’t over $100.

What do you think about the price for Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition? Is it too much or do you think the price is okay?

Final Fantasy X Assassin’s Creed and the Future of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV: Assassin’s Festival

Announced today, Final Fantasy XV will receive free DLC that fuses its game play with the Assassin’s Creed series. From August 31st to January 31st, 2018 the DLC area will be free. It is actually an alternative reality plot line in Lestallum and entirely different game play mechanics, story, and costumes. From the trailer, Noctis no longer has his Power of Kings and has replaced it with the Power of Assassins…Creed. Stealth, stab, and stuff your enemies in hay piles. You’ll still have the ability to teleport but there is a bigger emphasis on movement with climbing, crossing railways, moving around your enemies, parrying, and chasing after your enemies similar to Assassin’s Creed. The combat will still relatively be the same with you controlling Noctis while fighting with your brothers: Gladious, Ignis, and Prompto. The partnership between Square-Enix and Ubisoft has been planned for 3 years based on Ubisoft’s blog. 

The Future of Final Fantasy XV

Director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabatha they will not have a sequel of the series. Tabata stated the reason they would not do a sequel:

“The negative of that is there’s a very large open period where you’re not releasing anything. In that period, you get people to move away, and their attachment to the franchise dissipates a little bit.”

The original game took 10 years to finally release with multiple changes of directors, story, game play, art really confused players when a complete version would be released. Taking time to produce a sequel would take serious effort. Instead, Tabata is focusing on filling in the missing plot with the DLC. They still want to maintain a good relationship with fans by continuing to release new content for the game.

“If we had tried to do that as a traditional, full-scale sequel, that would have been very difficult,” the director said, “but it works really well in [keeping] that continued relationship with fans.”

The World of Final Fantasy XV has definitely been expanding since the release in late 2016. Two additional DLC stories for Gladious and Prompto have been released and Ignis‘s story is set to release for Winter 2017. A multiplayer mode was in beta during the month of August and was well received by fans. A new mobile game was release called Final Fantasy XV New Empire was released in July. It’s a generic tower defense mobile game that horribly disappointed fans of the series. Also the advertisements are all over YouTube and are actually quite annoying. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is scheduled to release in Fall. It is a mobile militarizes version of FFXV with Chibi Character models and simplified combat. While frame rate looks slow during intense fighting scenes, it looks like a decent game for people who only play mobile games.


I personally liked Final Fantasy XV. It had major plot holes, average gameplay, and a weak third act but I still had a lot of fun. While I’m not interested in the playing the DLC at the moment, but I do love all the main characters. I don’t think Square-Enix should release a sequel because reception for the game is mixed overall rather than positive. The side content is fine except for the mobile game.


How do you feel about Final Fantasy XV and the update to the series as time goes on? It is a different experience than the Final Fantasy of the past.



Chibi Final Fantasy