Time for Your Pokemon to Get a Job

It’s finally happening. Your Pokemon are moving out of your Pokeballs and going to start working in the real world. In the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield news, a new feature called Poke Jobs will appear.

In the Galar region, it is common for Pokemon and Humans to work side-by-side. Corporations and even universities will request Pokemon for help. There are a variety of different jobs with different request.

Screenshot Left
Pokemon Craigstlist

But what do your Pokemon earn as a reward? Definitely not Pokedollars as you earn those from beating up others. Instead your Pokemon will earn experience points, base stats improvements (Atk, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, HP, or Speed) and get some rare items. It depends how long they are at work. Overtime is not an issue in the Pokemon job space.

Screenshot right

Certain Pokemon are more suited for specific work. The more Pokemon you send out for a certain job, the better rewards they can earn.

Screenshot Left
Your momĀ trainer after you come back from work

You can access PokeJobs from the Rotomi. The Rotomi has replaced the PC at Pokemon Centers. It can be used for PC boxes and the lottery.

Now that your Pokemon can get a job, what about you?

Pokemon Sword and Shield release November 15, 2019 worldwide.

Pokemon Let’s Go isn’t for Long Time Fans

*This article is my opinion**

I’ve been playing Pokemon ever since I was four years old. I’ve played every generation of handhelds Pokemon series: From Yellow to Ultra Moon. Like every longtime fan, I’ve been waiting for a new big entry into the series for the consoles and when the Switch was announced, it was a dream come true. “A console that can also be a handheld?! This is perfect for Pokemon!” When Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu/Eevee Edition was announced, I was ecstatic as every Pokemon players dreams came too. As the game comes closer to release on November 16th, I hear more news which discourages me from buying the game.

Back to Kanto in the Wrong Way

The first generation Pokemon are classics. Their designs are great, simple, and appeal to every age. What isn’t a classic is Kanto. While Gold & Silver are revolutionary for including the Kanto region thanks to Iwada, the appeal was because players just played the first generation and it provided more opportunities to explore than Johto. Players want to explore more than one region, it doesn’t have to be Kanto. I think going back to Kanto and only having Kanto is a mistake.

I think starting with the first generation of Pokemon and simplifying the genre for potential new players is good, I wish it wasn’t the next big Pokemon game. While Gamefreaks (Developers of Pokemon) have confirmed they are working on the next generation for 2019, I am worried they believe having one big region to explore is what fans want.

Image result for pokemon let's go map
The map looks amazing but if you filter through it, it’s just the same thing we have played before

Simplifying the Catching System

Pokemon Go completely changed how we catch Pokemon. Rather than clicking the button, we can now feel and throw the ball in Pokemon Let’s Go! However, catching them feels more like luck than strategy. While weakening Pokemon isn’t complex, it helps makes the player like they are working towards a higher success rate. The biggest annoyance in Pokemon Go is Pokemon running away after failing to catch. While curve throws and aiming are skill based, GameFreaks didn’t need to cut out the Pokemon battling portion. Both systems should be available but Junichi Masuda (Director of Pokemon) felt the game changes needed to be made for the Switch game.

Image result for pokemon let's go catching pokemon
Give me that Clefairy

Forcing Gym Battles to be easier

Siliconera showed a new screenshot regarding Gym battles. In front of most gyms, an NPC stands to give you advice on how to beat the Gym Leader with certain Pokemon types. In Pokemon Let’s Go, they won’t let you even challenge the leader until you have a Pokemon that is type effective against them. While it is great for new players to hear, it removes the freedom of gameplay. You should be allowed to challenge and play however you like in Pokemon. Letting players struggle should be an active learning experience.

Translate: You need a Water or Grass Type Pokemon to challenge


I hope Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee does well. While I will most likely skip this game, I love the series. I think it may be a test to see how players respond to the changes before they consider finalizing the details on Pokemon 2019. Many of the changes are controversial to longtime players like me but perhaps the sales numbers and review responses will affect future gameplay changes. I like Pokemon Go but I treat it like a different game than the main series. I prefer the style of a console game to be different than a mobile game.

The Pokeball accessory looks cool though.

Will you be buying Pokemon Let’s Go?

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